Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture Featured in Iconic Magazine

The July 2018 issue of Iconic magazine featured Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture in an article titled, "Five Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Gorgeous Garden Design."

An exquisite garden design takes planning, an understanding of the many species of plants and flowers that are native to your location, and of course the expertise of the architect to integrate your personal style. A professional landscape architect has the ability to achieve a creative vision and bring exceptional design into your daily life. They not only consider the distinct elements, but they also have a deep understanding of the subtleties that encompass award-winning design, such as optimizing views, working with existing structures, and creating privacy.

Highlighting Garden Design From Across The Country

A recent article in Iconic Magazine on the benefits of working with a professional landscape architect featured several top landscape architects from around the country explaining what goes into a successful design. The piece included an image of her lily field project designed for a Chatham, Massachusetts residence along with an interview featuring Kimberly Mercurio.

The article features a recent design we completed for a half acre garden adjacent to our client's Chatham home. Kimberly took her inspiration from the indigenous environment of Cape Cod and created a design featuring a mixture of a variety of Cape Cod flora to create an inspired and dramatic layered design. The garden features various daylilies, blue hydrangea, and a clipped privet hedge that provides a sense of order, along with strategically-placed evergreens for privacy.

While a desert landscape will be different from a coastal design, inspiring landscapes all combine the indigenous environment, surrounding architecture and cultural influences”
— Kimberly Mercurio, Iconic Magazine, July 2018

At Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture, the focus is always on sustainability within the design. Kimberly describes her approach as first gaining an understanding of the location. “While a desert landscape will be different from a coastal design, inspiring landscapes all combine the indigenous environment, surrounding architecture, and cultural influences.” This is the fundamental approach of her firm, creating a landscape design that is a natural extension of the home while honoring the creative vision of her clients and the natural elements of the environment.

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Your home's landscape can be a unique space designed exclusively for you and your family, where you gather to make memories. Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture is currently scheduling projects for 2019 in Greater Boston and on Cape Cod.  Call (508) 495-1075 to schedule a design consultation.